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Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

Inherited talents?

For the equestrians in Indonesia the name Larasati Gading means the most famous and most successful dressage contestant of Indonesia. Having won many competitions both nationally and internationally Larasati Gading can be seen, as a dressage rider with the best qualifications. The 38 year old, is also a former model in her younger years posing for famous magazines and many other fashion events. Now she is a mother of three daughters.
Her oldest daughter Alyssa Prameswari Rischka, is yet to become a star just like her mother. The 18 year old German-Indonesian mixed girl, has also achieved a quite big number of important qualifications.
Recently, on the 27-29th of November at the Gading Open at Pegasus Stables (Wisma Kinasih/Sukabumi), she has once again won the Three Day Event for the seventh time this year. She has been awarded the national final championship cup to honor her achievement. Alyssa is happy and proud to win this award, as she claims that participating in a Three Day Event competition is not an easy thing to do, since it involves good skills in dressage, cross-country and showjumping.
Alyssa has managed to maintain her leading position by staying focused and not overtraining herself. She prepares by doing a lot of technical exercises to have an insight on the difficuties that may occur while competing.
When Alyssa was asked whether she wants to follow her mother's footsteps as a dressage rider, she shook her head and laughed. "No, I am a person who likes the adrenaline rush, and I like adventures. For me, dressage is boring. However, it is still important for me to do as it supports the basics for my showjumping. To be a good jumper, you need to be good in dressage." Says the tanned skinned girl as she flips her long dark-brown locks with a smile.
The adventure-seeking girl has beeen riding for 13 years now, and her success is inclining from year to year. "I hope that I can find a bigger horse and train with a professional jumping coach overseas. Since I was a little girl I have been dreaming of joining the Olympics and the Grand Prix in Europe. I really try my best to achieve this in the future." She claims.
The inspiring young lady has also developed an interest in fashion and will be attending Raffles College Jakarta to take courses in fashion design. "I'm thinking about designing jackets for competitions. I want to have my own line for equestrian clothing."
Successful in riding? A big interest in fashion? This may be something we can call inherited talents.
Photo: Alyssa (right) and Larasati (left)

Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009

The Future is Bright!

The future for 16 year old, Reshwara Radinal is looking good. At his very young age Reshwara can be seen as one of the best riders in Indonesia. Just recently he won second place in the Gading Open on the 27-29 November 2009 for the 120 cm Showjumping class. This can be considered as another amazing performance by the son of Rafiq Radinal, owner of Arthayasa Stables, as he competes against senior riders and experienced horses.His strong commitment to the equestrian world, has caused some problems in managing his time to fullfil his academic responsibilities. As he trains five times a week, he needs to be on the horse as soon as he finishes school. Important competitions have even led to absences in his school. "I got my priorities mixed up." Said the tall and good looking boy with a smile.
Reshwara also had the chance to join the World Jumping Challenge Final in Chile on the 4-8 October 2009 representing Indonesia as one of the youngest riders. "It was a good expirience, eventhough I did not win. But I learned a lot. You see, not every horse is easy to ride. I had only one day to adjust to the horse I borrowed there." He explained.
But Reshwara was well aware of this, so he trained with different horses before the competition so that he was used to working with different characters and behaviors.
Reshwara has the potential to achieve great things in the equestrian world. In the future he wants to be riding for International level competitions and he is surely working hard to get there.

Photo: Reshwara on his horse Laluna